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CCW | Concealed Carry Weapon License

So you want to get your Concealed Weapons License, otherwise known as a (CCW); that’s great! You have come to the right place. We at Empire Guns and Ammo are working hard to develop this site to help guide you in that endeavor. We invite you to use this page to purchase your firearm, find the county you live in, and apply for your CCW. We’ll also help you find where to get training and what type of CCW insurance we recommend once you get your CCW.

The Supreme Court recently ruled in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen that requiring a CCW applicant to show “Good Cause” to receive a license was unconstitutional. You no longer need to show “Good Cause” to obtain a CCW license.

The first step is applying for your CCW. You can apply for your CCW with through Sheriff’s department in the county where you live or with the chief of police in the city where you live. We recommend getting your CCW with the Sheriff’s department where you live. If that is not an option, then by all means, apply with your local police chief in the city where you live.

Riverside Sheriff - CCW Training


  • If you live in Riverside County, you can apply for your CCW by clicking here.
  • If you need training or to qualify for the Firearm you want to carry, see our training page for who we recommend.
  • Need a firearm for your CCW? Click the link and start shopping.
San Bernardino County Sheriff - CCW Training

San Bernardino

San Diego Sheriff - CCW Training

San Diego

Los Angeles Sheriff - CCW Training

Los Angeles

Imperial Sheriff - CCW Training

Imperial County