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Where To Get Firearm Training

Whether you’re a new firearm owner or an experienced one, training is essential to ensure safe and responsible firearm handling. Whether you’re interested in qualifying for a Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) permit or simply want to improve your shooting skills, there are many excellent firearm training facilities that can help you achieve your goals.

We’ve compiled a list of recommended training facilities that offer a range of courses to meet your needs and skill level.

  1. Firearm training associates (FTA) staff is incredible. Located at the Mike Raauhauge range in Corona, California, they offer a vast list of training classes scheduled up to a year in advance.

    To schedule training, visit their website for more info:
    Firearms Training in Southern California | Firearms Training Associates (

  2. Right 2 Bear in Riverside, CA is another excellent place we recommend. They offer CCW classes, basic firearms instruction, and classes for intermediate to advanced shooters.

    Right 2 bear also offers private lessons. Visit their website for more info:
    Right 2 Bear | Firearms Training & Education (